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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Java to JavaScript transpiler for Python?

A Java to JavaScript transpiler. Compile Nim Extensions for Python On Import! Framework to interpret and transpile JVM bytecode to JavaScript, OpenCL or WebAssembly. Rick Roll Language is a rickroll based, process oriented, dynamic, strong, esoteric programming language.

What language is the typescript translator written in?

The online version of this translator is written in JavaScript, but an experimental version is also being written in Prolog. A major goal of this project is to translate TypeScript and JavaScript to other languages that compile to C or native code.

What does universal-transpiler do?

As an experimental feature, it also converts a subset of Prolog into the PDDL automated planning language. Similarly, it can translate constraint handing rules from Prolog into CLIPS and vice-versa. Universal-transpiler can also translate programming languages into the KIF ontology language.

Can I translate existing Java code from source?

J2CL can translate most existing Java code from source but not all Java APIs are supported, such as the Java reflection API. By default, translated code is not public and a number of Java annotations from JsInterop can be used to identify what classes, methods, instance variables, or other code should be exposed.

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