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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PHP a front end or backend language?

But the fact is PHP is a backend language. There is a variation in skillset while speaking about the front end and back end. So what are the skills required by the front end and backend developer?

Should I use NodeJS as my back-end?

Also, if you’re going to use front-end technologies like React, AngularJS, or Vue.js, it’s preferred to use Node.js as your back-end. It’s really useful to be able to work with the same language on the front-end and back-end.

Why do backend developers prefer PHP over node?

When a discussion starts, some backend developers may name a dozen factors contributing to why they opted for PHP over Node. js: for example, because it’s easier to code and operate and comes with a large and experienced community, so they can find a ready and relatable solution for even very specific situations. At the same time, Node.

What is the difference between PHP and JavaScript?

Both PHP and JavaScript are primarily aimed at developing web applications, even though both can be used for mobile app development. The greatest advantage of JavaScript over PHP lies in the fact that JavaScript is a full-stack development language. Most JS vs PHP comparisons emphasize that JavaScript is front end only, but that is simply not true.

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