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Frequently Asked Questions

What is foreach () method in JavaScript?

JavaScript forEach () is a method or function which calls the provided function for each element in an array in order. It is used to perform any operation on elements of the given array.

Does foreach() function create a copy of array?

It does not create any copy of array. The reference to the original array is passed to the array argument of the forEach function. Kindly follow below link.

What is the difference between Robocopy and foreach in JavaScript?

In the end, robocopy is probably easier. But this below script will work! When you use foreach, in each iteration, it assigns the first variable the value of an element in the array. Try something like this:

What is the return type of foreach () function in JavaScript?

The return type forEach () function is undefined. How forEach () method works in JavaScript? forEach () method in JavaScript is mostly associated with some type of ordered data structures like array, maps and sets. Therefore, its working depends on the call of forEach () method with callback function.

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