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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between PHP and Java?

After you, as the web backend programmer, write the source code, it is translated into binary language, which is what the JVM understands. It is then passed on the device’s operating system and executed. As such, while PHP process goes from code to interpreter to execution, the Java process is code to compiler 1 to JVM to compiler 2 to execution.

Should I learn Java or PHP for web development?

Both Java and PHP languages are widely used in web development. Due to the fact that a developer cannot learn all the languages or they need to start with at least one, it makes sense to look at all the aspects and make a decision. Java and PHP have some similarities as well.

What is the difference between PHP front end and Java back end?

PHP front end listens to http requests and interacts with the database. The Java back end run continuously and responds to calls from the front end. More specifically, the back end is a daemon that connects and maintain the link to several IM services (AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber...).

Does PHP take more time to code than Java?

So coding the same software on PHP would take less time than on Java. When it comes to the PHP vs Java performance comparison, Java is the winner. Java is precompiled, and PHP needs time to comply with bytecode on each request.

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