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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the functions of jails?

A jail is used to temporarily detain those who are suspected or convicted of a crime. It is used for the short-term, usually to hold those awaiting trial or to hold those convicted of low-level offenses that have sentences of one year or less.

What is jail or prison?

Prison is the place or facility in which people that have been convicted of crimes and sentenced to imprisonment are sent. A prison, also known as a penitentiary or jail, will confine convicted criminals to the premises of the institution and will have certain personal freedoms stripped from them. Prison History.

Can people call from jail?

To receive a call on a cell phone from someone in jail requires arranging for a special phone service that handles the charges, since inmates can only make prepaid calls contracted with a specific carrier, or collect calls, which cell phones don't accept.

Should jails, prisons use solitary confinement?

Key facts Contrary to popular belief, solitary confinement is not reserved only for the most dangerous prisoners. The routine use of solitary confinement has been growing, and is becoming an increasingly common feature of high-security and ‘super-max’ prisons designed to hold prisoners who are deemed high-risk or difficult to control.

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