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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average age in Italy?

Italy Median age. Factbook > Countries > Italy > Demographics. Median age: total: 45.5 years. male: 44.4 years. female: 46.5 years (2017 est.) Definition: This entry is the age that divides a population into two numerically equal groups; that is, half the people are younger than this age and half are older.

How many people live in Italy?

Italy Population (LIVE) retrieving data... The current population of Italy is 59,238,928 as of Wednesday, March 13, 2019, based on the latest United Nations estimates. Italy population is equivalent to 0.77% of the total world population.

What is Italy's population?

The population of Italy in 2019 was 60,550,075, a 0.13% decline from 2018. The population of Italy in 2018 was 60,627,291, a 0.08% decline from 2017.

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