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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current situation in Israel?

Current Situation Currently, the Palestinians and the Jewish population of Israel are constantly battling each other to decide what state should control the land and how much land should be controlled by each. It is a complicated conflict that originated thousands of years ago.

What is the national debt of Israel?

The National Debt Of Israel. The IMF measures the debts of all levels of government as the national debt. In the case of Israel, this calculation arrived at a debt to GDP ratio of 61% at the end of 2017. This figure is termed “gross debt.” The IMF also calculates the “net debt” of Israel.

What is the national sport for Israel?

Sports in Israel are an important part of the national culture. Sports in Israel are pursued both competitively and for leisure. Israelis engage in a wide range of athletic activities, with association football being the most popular sport, followed by basketball.

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