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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Israeli flag symbolize?

Country: State of Israel. The Star was officially used as a Jewish symbol for the first time in 1354. A modern interpretation of the Israeli flag states the blue and white stripes represent purity, guided by the principles of the Torah and the Star of David represents a new beginning for Israel.

What does the flag of Israel look like?

The flag of Israel is a white banner with blue stripes at the top and bottom. In the center of the flag is the Star of David, a six pointed star made by overlaying a triangle on top of an upside down triangle.

What is the national flag of Israel?

National flag – flag of Israel. The flag of Israel is the official flag of the State of Israel, which represents the state, its sovereignty, its institutions and its citizens both in Israel and worldwide. This flag has a white background and two horizontal blue stripes, charged with a blue Star of David (Magen David) in the middle.

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