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Frequently Asked Questions

What format does the ISA logo come in?

Here is the ISA logo in vector format (svg) and transparent PNG, ready to download. Check out other logos starting with "I"!

What is the ISA called now?

Since 2005 onward, the ISA has not always operated under a two-worded Special Access Program (SAP) name (Grey Fox, Centra Spike, etc.). In 2009, the unit was referred to as INTREPID SPEAR, until this was revealed to have been leaked in an email to the Pentagon. In 2010 it was referred to as the United States Army Studies and Analysis Activity.

What is the ISA mission in the US Army?

ISA mission was to support Special Operations Forces (primarily 1st SFOD-D and DEVGRU) in counter-terrorist operations and other special operations units. The ISA would provide actionable intelligence collection, pathfinding, and operational support.

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