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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Launchpad McQuack?

Launchpad McQuack is a pilot introduced in Disney 's 1987 - 90 television series DuckTales as Scrooge McDuck's pilot. He was later featured as Darkwing Duck 's sidekick in the crossover television series of the same name and appears as a main character in the 2017 DuckTales reboot series.

What does Launchpad call Scrooge McDuck?

Launchpad was Darkwing's biggest fan and begged Darkwing to be his sidekick several times before Darkwing until eventually he accepted him. He refers to Darkwing as "DW" and Darkwing often calls him "LP". He originally referred to Scrooge McDuck as "Mr. McD". Launchpad is very simple-minded, laid-back, very loyal, modest and hard-working.

What does Launchpad look like in DuckTales?

However, the design seems to take cues from Launchpad's debut episode "Three Ducks of the Condor", which resembles his Darkwing Duck self more than his usual DuckTales self. The amount of hair on Launchpad's head varies between stories.

How did Launchpad become acquainted with Drake?

Launchpad became acquainted with Drake during the events of "The Duck Knight Returns!", where originally Launchpad attempted to help Jim Starling by trapping the new actor for the Darkwing Duck film. But instead, they ended up bonding over their loving interest for the original Darkwing Duck TV show.

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