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Frequently Asked Questions

When are Stranger Things Season 4 coming out?

Season 4 will be broken into two separate volumes, with the first arriving on May 27 and the second coming out on July 1, the show’s creators announced Thursday.

When does Stranger Things 4 start filming?

Stranger Things 4 begins filming in October 2019. Picture: Netflix In an interview with Poland In, Cara was speaking about her hiatus plans before revealing that the cast return to work to start filming season 4 in October.That's all that was said in the short clip provided but it's a big ol' bombshell, huh?

Will Stranger Things introduce time travel in Season 4?

While it's far from confirmed that Stranger Things will deal with time travel in season 4, it does immediately give the show even more possibilities. One such way that excited many viewers is the ability to bring back some beloved characters. This would likely start with the idea that time travel could allow the characters to bring Hopper back.

When is the next Stranger Things 4?

The bigger picture: “Stranger Things” Season 4 was originally expected to be released in 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic delay the show’s production and changed the release date. We learned back in late 2021 that “Stranger Things” would debut its fourth season in 2022, the Deseret News’ Lottie Johnson wrote.

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