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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 321 a toll free area code?

Area code 321 belongs to the telephone area codes that are not toll free. This means that a call placed from a 321 number has charges and will be reflected to your phone bill. International calls will cost more pricey compared to the local ones.

What to do if you get scammed in 321 area code?

This info will give you a great advantage, as you can simply send a complaint to the scammer’s network provider. Basically, you can do anything you like with the information we share. Don’t let 321 area code scams attack you and your family!

Are there any dangerous area codes and scam phone numbers?

We’ve got a list of dangerous area codes — the 712 area code, among others — and scam phone numbers that you’re going to want to see! Scam phone numbers are so out of hand. It’s gotten to the point where you need every advantage you can get to keep the robocallers and their scam numbers at bay.

What is the difference between area code 321 and 407?

When it was activated in 2000, area code 321 was used as an overlay for most of area code 407 in the Orlando area, except for the small portion of Volusia County that includes Deltona which was in 407 at the time (it is now in 386).

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