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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the iPhone 13 Pro Max worth it?

The iPhone 13 Pro Max earned the award for best battery thanks ... If the $1,199 price tag is within your budget, it’s worth considering. The Galaxy S21 Ultra has continued to be a good option ...

How many GB to get for iPhone 13 Pro Max?

With it, they will get special pricing for pCloud’s top-tier services — either 500 GB or a whopping 2 TB of encrypted storage. pCloud does offer these tiers in annual subscription format, but paying for a lifetime storage will be the real bargain here ...

Which iPhone 13 should you buy?

Best iPhone for you: The iPhone 13 Pro Max is easily the best of its kind you can buy. (HT Tech) So ... since most of them appear no different to each other. For example; why should you spend on the iPhone 13 when the iPhone 12 looks almost the same?

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