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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the iPhone 13 Pro?

with the best big smartphone award going to its Galaxy Z Fold 3. The large foldable offers a 7.4-inch internal display, almost a full inch larger than Apple’s largest device, the iPhone 13 Pro ...

Which size iPhone 13 is right for You?

The iPhone 13 Pro is right for you if: ... This year's new crop of Apple smartphones has seen the tech giant from Cupertino release a premium iPhone in a small size - the iPhone mini. With ...

Which iPhone 13 should you buy?

Best iPhone for you: The iPhone 13 Pro Max is easily the best of its kind you can buy. (HT Tech) So ... since most of them appear no different to each other. For example; why should you spend on the iPhone 13 when the iPhone 12 looks almost the same?

Is the iPhone 13 worth it?

The iPhone 13 is powered by a 3,227 mAh battery unit. And, given the battery life improvement, it seems the change was definitely worth it. More often than not, the previous iPhones’ lasted about a day with moderate to heavy use. On the back, the device ...

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