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Frequently Asked Questions

Does MetroPCS have iPhones?

As of September 2015, MetroPCS itself does not sell the iPhone. However, by using the company's Bring Your Own Phone program, customers who already own or have purchased certain types of iPhones can bring them to the MetroPCS network. Customers can check their iPhones' eligibility on MetroPCS's website.

What is MetroPCS website? is the website of Metro PCS Communications, Inc, a wireless company launched in 2002. Every page on the site features a ‘Quick Links’ section with links to the most common areas of the site. The homepage features a glance of the latest deals and a list of the most popular cell phone plans.

What is Metro PCS mobile?

T-Mobile is a major US carrier. Metro PCS operates on a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) this is basically the same as Strighttalk, Tracfone and Cricket. They pay access fees to use Voice, text and data services of the Main carrier.

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