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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the iPhone 11 have a clear case?

This clear iPhone 11 case is available in versions for the iPhone 11 , iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The company's super protective Defender series case is available for all the brand-new iPhone 11 models, but most people want an iPhone case that's slimmer.

Should I buy a new case for my iPhone 11 Pro Max?

A new iPhone 11 Pro Max case will make it more likely that your iPhone will survive that next fall or drop intact and undamaged. Protecting your iPhone 11 Pro Max isn’t just about protecting the body of your phone, of course.

How to take care of your iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Then make sure you take it home and protect it by teaming it up with a brand-new phone case designed specifically for your iPhone 11 Pro Max. Choose from a wide variety of iPhone 11 Pro Max cases meant to keep your iPhone’s capabilities accessible to you whether it’s your volume buttons, your charging portal, your speakers or your camera.

Why should you get a personalized phone case for your iPhone?

A personalized phone case makes it all the more fun when you pull out your iPhone to surf the web, call a relative or show a friend. Furthermore, in addition to offering your iPhone 11 Pro Max extra protection, these iPhone 11 Pro Max cases also deliver different options.

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