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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better iPhone 11 or XR?

Short answer: The iPhone 11 and iPhone Xr are both great phones. They’re also pretty similar, but one key difference is the camera, which is much better on the iPhone 11. If you’re looking for a newer iPhone or want a better camera, you should get the iPhone 11.

How big is the iPhone XR?

We finally know exactly how big the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR batteries are. Found by MyDrivers, the legal documents reveal the iPhone XS Max has a 3,174 mAh of capacity, which is slightly bigger than the 2,942 mAh battery in the iPhone XR. The iPhone XS has a 2,658 mAh battery, which is smaller than the 2,716 mAh battery in the iPhone X.

How long is an iPhone XR?

iPhone XR review cheat sheet: What you need to know With a price drop to $499, the iPhone XR is one of the better smart phone values. The 6.1-inch LCD is big, bright and colorful, though OLED screens offer better blacks and wider viewing angles. The single rear camera offers excellent performance and impressive portraits, but the newer iPhones offers better low-light performance. More items...

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