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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any international schools in Ireland?

There are very few international schools in Ireland. The International School of Dublin only offers primary level education. St Andrews College, Dublin offers all levels of education from primary upwards with a choice between the Irish and the IB syllabi. Both of these qualifications will allow your child ready access to university or college.

Why choose nunord Anglia International School Dublin?

Nord Anglia International School Dublin is ambitious, offering world-class learning opportunities and global experiences to achieve outstanding academic results and a love for learning. Read more SEK-Dublin is part of SEK Education Group which was founded in 1892 and has nine international schools throughout Ireland, France, Qatar and Spain.

Is pre-school in Dublin compulsory?

While pre-school in Dublin is not compulsory, the minimum age for pre-school is four years old, while primary school starts when a child turns six. There are public schools available in Dublin that are free for students.

What is an international school?

International schools tend to educate to international standards such as GCSE (UK) and the International Baccalaureate (IB). This article is only concerned with International schools. There are very few international schools in Ireland.

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