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Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs require an insurance license?

Most of the jobs for which an insurance license is legally required are sales jobs. Insurance licenses are also required for some other jobs within the insurance industry, such as claims adjusters, property appraisers and trainers. There are several different types of insurance license, depending on the state you live in.

Why do you need a license to sell insurance?

Here are some reasons why one needs a license to sell insurance: To Protect Consumers - Licensure allows states the ability to take action, monitor and control the distribution of complex insurance products.

What license do you need to sell auto insurance?

All the agents usually have a license to sell both home and auto insurance. It is true that license is needed to agents for all kinds of insurances, not just for auto only. In fact, some states also imposed a Bachelor's degree in addition to passing the test.

What license do you need to sell variable life insurance?

Selling variable life insurance requires a state life insurance license, a series 6 license and a series 63 license. All states mandate these licenses, which allow holders to sell financial products that use or contain mutual funds and other variable-return securities.

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