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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a license in New Mexico?

To obtain a New Mexico driver's license/ID card and register your car in the state, you'll need to visit your local DMV office in person. You'll need to provide some documentation as well as payment for the required fees. As a new resident to New Mexico, you can also register as an organ donor and register to vote.

Can I get insurance with a Mexican license?

Yes, many insurance companies will allow you to start a policy with a Mexican driver's license. However, you will usually have 30 days to provide a valid US driver's license to the insurance company after the start of the policy in order to keep it valid.

How do you get a business license in New Mexico?

To register your business in most cities in New Mexico, you may need to do the following: • Register with the Zoning Code Services division of the Planning Department. • Obtain State Tax Identification Number for your business. • File the cities business license/regulations application.

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