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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need car insurance in AZ?

The state of Arizona requires auto insurance coverage on every motor vehicle driven within the state. You will usually need to present proof of insurance if you are stopped by a police officer. If you don't have car insurance in Arizona, the state may suspend your driver's license or vehicle registration.

How to check the license of an insurance agent?

Contact the Insurance Bureau or the Insurance Board for the state in which you are doing business. The contact information is available online. Many Insurance Bureau websites list a specific phone number for confirming the status of an agent's license. Ask the Insurance Bureau representative to confirm the status of the license.

How do you look up license number?

If you know the license number, this is the easiest way to look it up. Enter the license number at the bottom of the form in the Facility Number box and click Search. If you don't know the license number: For a center or preschool that is not in someone's home (1-3 above), it's easiest to search on the Facility Name.

What license do you need to sell auto insurance?

All the agents usually have a license to sell both home and auto insurance. It is true that license is needed to agents for all kinds of insurances, not just for auto only. In fact, some states also imposed a Bachelor's degree in addition to passing the test.

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