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Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of insurance companies are there?

The more common categories of insurance company include: Captive insurance company. This is an entity that exists to underwrite the risks of its parent owner. ... Domestic. This is an insurance company that is incorporated in the state within which it is domiciled. ... Alien. This is an insurance company that is incorporated under the laws of another country. ... Lloyds of London. ... Mutual. ... Stock company. ...

What are the names of insurance companies?

There are approximately 28 major health insurance companies in the United States today, with big names like UnitedHealth, WellPoint, American Family Insurance, AARP, Aetna, Regence Group, etc.

What are the different types of insurance policies?

There are many different types of insurance benefits, and each one covers a specific area of need. Examples of insurance policies people can purchase include health, dental, and life insurance as well as car and home insurance. The benefits involved with each kind of coverage depend on the provider and the exact policy purchased.

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