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Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance companies are in Michigan?

Michigan Insurance Company. Our Family of Companies. Michigan Insurance Company is a Michigan-based company that provides personal and commercial products in Michigan. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Donegal Group Inc. and operates from headquarters in Grand Rapids. Michigan Insurance Company.

Is car insurance required in Michigan?

Auto Insurance Required Under Michigan Law. It is against the law for Michigan residents to drive a car or truck (or allow their vehicle to be driven by someone else) if that vehicle is not insured with a no-fault policy. Motorcycles do not require no-fault insurance, but they do require accident insurance.

What is mi insurance?

Whether it's called “private mortgage insurance” (PMI) or just plain “mortgage insurance” (MI), mortgage insurance is an insurance policy which protects the lender in the event that you, the borrower, fail to make your mortgage payments.

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