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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Liberty Mutual have good car insurance?

Liberty Mutual is a very good auto insurance company. It is one of the larger carriers in the US, and as an experienced broker, it is often a company we recommend to clients because of low prices and great service. Naturally, rates from Liberty Mutual and any insurer can widely vary in different areas.

What types of insurance does Liberty Mutual offer?

We see a lot of Liberty Mutual because they offer so many different types of policies where our worlds collide: car, homeowners, workers compensation and general liability are just some of the types of insurance policies Liberty Mutual offers.

Does Liberty Mutual cover car rental insurance?

Does Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance Cover Rental Cars? If you're asking does your auto insurance protect a rental car that you rented, the answer is simply yes, that being said, you need to make sure your coverage is enough to cover the vehicle rented.

Is Liberty Mutual a public or private company?

About Liberty Mutual. Most of the car insurance companies featured on our site are either public or private companies. Liberty Mutual is a mutual company, meaning that all policyholders are also shareholders in the company.

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