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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn CE for FEMA EMI independent study?

Each hour of instruction completed earns 0.1 CE Unit through IACET (.1 CE Unit = one CE). If you are taking a FEMA EMI Independent Study course in order to earn CE, be sure to confirm in advance that your professional board or other preferred entity will accept IACET CE.

What is the NFIP claims adjustment course?

This course defines the role, standards and necessary requirements to adjust claims within the NFIP.

What is Isa 1107 FEMA?

IS-1107: Adjuster Customer Service Adjuster Authorization Note: In 2016, FEMA issued WYO Bulletin w-16005, which introduced EMI Independent Study Program courses for claims adjusters.

Why take a claims settlement management course?

With a focus on providing excellent customer service, this course also identifies common errors and adjustment issues where special attention is needed to ensure a high level of quality in the claims settlement process.

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