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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an insurance adjuster license in Minnesota?

Detailed information about licensing for insurance adjusters operating in Minnesota and links to appropriate forms. Complete the Adjuster Agency license application online at Sircon. Public Adjuster Agency - Mail an original Public Adjuster surety bond in the amount of $10,000 using the Surety Bond Form approved by the Commerce Department.

Who regulates the insurance industry in Minnesota?

The Minnesota Department of Commerce regulates the insurance industry to protect consumers and ensure a fair, competitive marketplace. Commerce’s Insurance Division oversees insurance companies operating in the Minnesota to make sure they are financially sound and their products are fairly priced, with the consumer protections required by law.

Does Minnesota require a criminal history check to get an insurance license?

Under Minnesota law, an individual applying for a resident insurance producer, resident independent adjuster, or resident public adjuster license must consent to a criminal history record check and submit a fingerprint card.

What is a Minnesota crop hail adjuster license?

A Minnesota crop hail adjuster license is a limited license. The licensee may only act as an adjuster in regard to insurance policies against crop damage by hail. To adjust claims for crop damage from any other peril, including MPCI claims, you must get an independent or public adjuster license with the crop line of authority.

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