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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an insurance claims administrator?

Job Description for Claims Administrator. A claims administrator is responsible for working with insurance claims in the medical/healthcare field, as well as property insurance.

What is the third party claim legal definition?

A third party claim refers to a claim made by a defendant during the course of legal proceedings with the intention of enjoining an individual or entity that is not involved in the original action to perform a related duty. One good example of a third party claim is an indemnity claim against a third party.

What is a claim file?

The claim file is usually the most important insurance file to be reviewed by the investigator. It is a file which is created when a claim is reported and documents every aspect of the claim handling process. It should always be reviewed by the investigator in any fire investigation.

What is property claims?

A property damage claim is, quite simply, a report or evidence that you submit to an insurance company in the event that your property has been damaged. Property damage claims come in many shapes and sizes, and different states have different rules regarding how and when to file.

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