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Frequently Asked Questions

How often does the policy and Procedures Manual need to be updated?

The Policy and Procedures Manual will be altered, added to, and adjusted whenever the need arises. A complete and thorough review will be conducted at least annually. Any significant alterations and additions will be communicated to all involved personnel when changes occur.

What are the regulations for insureinsurance?

Insurance companies’ ability to pay the claims of policyholders. Regulations to promote solvency include minimum capital and surplus requirements, statutory accounting conventions, limits to insur- ance company investment and corporate activities, financial ratio tests and financial data disclosure. SOLVENCY II

What does a policy and procedure cover?

Naturally, a policy and procedure cannot be written for every minute detail or event that may occur, but rather, are intended to cover in more general terms, the most significant events that have been identified as beneficial to be addressed in policy and procedure fashion.

Where can I find the IAII insurance handbook?

I.I.I. Insurance Handbook 27 These Topics are adapted from papers regularly updated at

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