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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wholesale water bottle?

Wholesale water bottles are an affordable option for a DIY project. You can customize the water bottles with paint or vinyl stickers. Our water bottles are reusable. They can be cleaned and refilled with beverages for many years. Check out our blog on how to clean a water bottle.

What are the different types of water bottles?

Our bottles come in different lid styles to fit a variety of uses. Bulk water bottles are available in many materials including plastic, Tritan™ and stainless steel. These wholesale bottles look stunning with or without a design! I only want a few water bottles. Is there a minimum quantity?

What are the best stainless steel water bottles?

Drink in the adventure. Made to be your go-to sidekick from office to trailhead, Hydro Flask stainless steel water bottles are vacuum-insulated and keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for hours. Both the Standard Mouth and Wide Mouth options have plenty of room for loading in ice and come with the easy-carry Flex Cap.

Should you buy bulk water bottles?

Buying plastic water bottles can be especially inconvenient because they cannot really be reused. Plus, you contribute to the pollution of our environment when you constantly buy plastic bottles. With bulk water bottles, you can save yourself money and effort, and you can help to save our environment.

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