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Frequently Asked Questions

How to enter instructor personal information?

How to Enter Instructor Personal Information. Click the Options Menu, LEA Setup to access the LEA Setup Screen. The LEA Setup Tab Slider will appear. Select the Instructor Tab. The selected tab is highlighted by a black box. Select the Instructor whose personal information you want to add from the Instructors Grid.

What are the requirements to become an instructor?

Educational Requirements of College Instructors. As a community college teacher, you need to have a degree plus at least two years experience in the course or field you want to teach. Many community colleges recommend a degree that is at least one level above the degrees your students are achieving.

What is an instructor evaluation?

An instructor evaluation form is, used to improve the effectiveness of the instructor and it further checks on the learning process of thestudent who was being trained by the instructor. This form is filled by the students or learners and submitted to the faculty or department head.

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