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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download an Instagram story?

1. Steps to Download Instagram Stories in your Android Gallery Tap on the Play Store app present in your Android device. Search for ‘Story Saver’ in the search bar of your play store. View for ‘Story Saver for Instagram’ app. Install the app. Login to your Instagram account using ‘Story Saver for Instagram ’ app.

How do I view my Instagram story?

Using the Instagram app: Stories appear in a row at the top of Feed. To see someone's story, tap their profile picture at the top of Feed, on their profile or next to a post they've shared in Feed. When you view stories from the top of your Feed, they automatically scroll from one person's to the next.

How do I install Instagram on my PC?

Step 1 : Download an app platform or emulator on your PC; you can use the Bluestacks app player for that. Step 2 : Install the Bluestacks and launch it once downloaded. Step 3 : Type Instagram in the search area and click to download the app. Step 3 : Now, follow the on-screen instructions to install the app.

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