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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ultimate Guide to Instagram Stories for 2020?

In our Ultimate Guide to Instagram Stories we cover everything from content strategy to design, so that you can create the best Instagram Stories to elevate your business in 2020. With over 500 million daily users, Instagram Stories are a great way to reach potential new customers — and build a stronger connection with your existing ones.

What is instainstagram stories?

Instagram Stories is a fun and engaging feature where users post a series of photos or short-form videos that appear on Instagram for 24 hours. This feature has become extremely popular, and more so, due to the plethora of options available to make them more interesting.

How many people use Instagram stories each day?

In 2019, a little more than half of Instagram’s 1 billion users access Instagram Stories every single day. The 500 million daily user count is up from 400 million in June 2018. And 2 million advertisers are buying Stories ads across Facebook’s properties.

What are the biggest Instagram trends 2021?

One of the landmark Instagram trends 2021 brings is the continuing popularity of Augmented Reality or AR effects for Stories (Influencer Marketing Hub, 2021). In 2019, Facebook gives Instagram users access to Spark AR Studio (Facebook, 2021), the software used to create custom AR effects.

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