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Frequently Asked Questions

What are 'unkind' comments on Instagram?

And last year we looked into Instagram's moderation system which lets users automatically censor “unkind” or “inappropriate” comments. Anyone who uses the selfie-led social network will now be able to select words they find troubling or concerning and then ban any comments which use the unmentionable phrase.

How do you search for someone on Instagram without them knowing?

Just visit any random Instagram-profile in order to find the search bar on top. You don’t need to be logged on for this. E.g. will give you a private profile, but you’ll see the search bar appearing on top.

How to search for content on Instagram?

There are also a lot of website that offer you the possibility to search for content on Instagram. is one of many that offer you the option to search for users. This makes it a little easier since the hashtags and users aren’t mixed up in the search results like is showing you.

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