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Frequently Asked Questions

How to optimize your Instagram account for search engines?

How to optimize your Instagram account for search engines 1 Make sure your profile is set to public. ... 2 Set up social profile schema for Instagram. ... 3 Include a specific and keyword-rich bio. ... 4 Treat your image caption like a title tag — because it is one. ... 5 Link directly to your Instagram posts. ... 6 Conclusion. ...

What are the best Instagram Seo ideas for SEO?

Here are some of the best Instagram SEO ideas to improve your discoverability and reach on the platform: 1. Optimize Your Profile for Search The Instagram search function works a bit like Google in that it delivers the most relevant profiles based on your search term.

Is Instagram your own search engine?

Think of Instagram as its own search engine. The platform has built-in search functions that act like its own mini-Google. Here, we're going to tell you eight little-known Instagram SEO techniques to expand your reach. 1. Optimize your Instagram profile.

Why is Instagram search so important for SEO?

This new feature signals the growing importance of SEO on Instagram, which ultimately comes down to optimizing your content to be as discoverable as possible on Instagram Search. Ready to learn how?

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