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Frequently Asked Questions

How to implement Instagram login with PHP?

Before getting started to implement Instagram Login with PHP on the website, follow the below steps to register a new Instagram Client, and get the Client ID and Secret. Go to the Instagram Developer Panel. Register an account as a developer and login to your developer account.

What is instainstagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular photos sharing platform and its users are increasing day by day. Instagram provides APIs for getting the user details and use it to enable login using Instagram on the website.

What is login with Instagram?

Login with Instagram allows the user to authenticate with their Instagram account and log into the website. Since, the authentication process handled by the Instagram API, the web application doesn’t need the user’s registration functionality. The Instagram Login enables quick access o the user without creating an account on the website.

Is there a PHP wrapper for the Instagram API?

A PHP wrapper for the Instagram API. Feedback or bug reports are appreciated. Composer package available. Supports Instagram Video and Signed Header. To use the Instagram API you have to register yourself as a developer at the Instagram Developer Platform and create an application.

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