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Frequently Asked Questions

What are indicators of a potential insider threat?

Indicators of a Potential Insider Threat Encouraging disruptive behavior or disobedience to lawful orders. Expressing hatred or intolerance of American society or culture. Expressing sympathy for organizations that promote violence. Expressing extreme anxiety about or refusing a deployment.

What are considered insider threats?

Insider threat is a generic term for a threat to an organization's security or data that comes from within. Such threats are usually attributed to employees or former employees, but may also arise from third parties, including contractors, temporary workers or customers.

What is a potential insider threat?

Substance use and abuse are potential precursors to insider threat. They could lead to concerning behaviors and both criminal and non-criminal acts against an organization. Insider incidents may include theft of intellectual property, sabotage, espionage, fraud, workplace violence, and non-malicious, accidental incidents.

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