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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between insider and outsider pressure groups?

A more clearer clarification is insider and outsider pressure groups: Insider pressure groups are regularly consulted by ministers and civil servants and are trusted by government departments because they negotiate quietly and unobtrusively for their members.

What is the difference between 'insider' and 'potential' pressure groups?

This distinguishes them from ‘insider’ pressure groups – who They include “Potential Insiders”, who only need acceptance (e.g. Charter 88, which campaigns for constitutional reform) and groups that would never want to be anything other than outsiders.

What are some examples of insider pressure groups?

Some insider pressure groups may be “Prisoners” i.e. dependent on government in some way (e.g. Welsh Tourist Board), some might be “Low profile”, concentrating on behind-the-scenes pressure (e.g. National Trust), and some might be “High Profile”, consciously using the media as well (e.g. The Royal College of Nurses, RCN).

Is there such a thing as an outsider in politics?

In addition there is a category of outsider groups that do not aim for insider status because they are ideologically opposed to the political system. By definition, such groups have no interest in gaining access to governmental decision makers.

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