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Frequently Asked Questions

What are other words for Innovation?

Another word for innovation. innovation. n. change, alteration, novelty, newness, newfangled idea, deviation, shift, variation, modification, modernization, reform, addition, novel contribution, new wrinkle*; see also change 2, discovery 2.

What is another word for innovate?

Another word for innovative. Characterized by or productive of new things or new ideas: creative, ingenious, innovatory, inventive, original. Not the same as what was previously known or done: different, fresh, inventive, new, newfangled, novel, original, unfamiliar, unprecedented.

What is an antonym for innovative?

Antonyms for innovative. It is this environment of innovative upheaval that any useful foundation for strategic and operational thought must address. In all cases success starts with innovative intelligence products, which has not been a hallmark of United States operations. Both sorts of effort may be of either the routine or the innovative type.

What is the opposite of innovation?

Innovation often manifests itself via the engineering process, when the problem being solved is of a technical or scientific nature. The opposite of innovation is exnovation. Pronunciation of the word has long been argued about due to the unusual sounding of the o becoming an i.

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