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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the theories of innovation?

Relative Advantage - The degree to which an innovation is seen as better than the idea, program, or product it replaces. Compatibility - How consistent the innovation is with the values, experiences, and needs of the potential adopters. Complexity - How difficult the innovation is to understand and/or use. More items...

What are the principles of innovation?

The Innovation Principle. “ Whenever legislation is under consideration its impact on innovation should be assessed and addressed ”. The Innovation Principle sets out to provide a new and positive framework for ensuring policy makers not only recognise societal and environmental needs for precaution, but also recognise the need to for innovation.

What are the characteristics of innovation?

Characteristics Of An Innovation. Individuals do not automatically adopt new products. They make a conscious decision of whether to use a particular one. That is, their decision to adopt an innovation is deliberate. This is the third step in the process of adopting an innovation, covered in the first article.

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