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Frequently Asked Questions

What is innersloth?

Innersloth is structured as a limited liability company. Its staff consists of five programmers, two artists, and a community director. They are based out of Redmond, Washington. The Innersloth team has maintained their focus as an indie game developer.

What happened to innersloth?

In-between Dig2China and their next venture, Innersloth experienced multiple failed projects prior to achieving success with their video game development. Some of these failed projects were multiplayer games, which gave the Innersloth team some hesitation with venturing into this medium for their next game.

What is innersloth dig2china?

InnerSloth is a video game studio founded by PuffballsUnited, Fortebass, and aemuuu. The studio has developed and published various games such as Among Us and The Henry Stickmin Collection. Dig2China is an offline game where you have to dig into the ground as deep as you can in a limited time.

Who are the innersloth developers?

The Innersloth team has maintained their focus as an indie game developer. The developers rarely meet in person, preferring remote work. Innersloth was formed by video game developer Marcus Bromander, who goes by the username PuffballsUnited on the gaming website Newgrounds; with his colleague and co-founder Forest Willard.

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