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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the innersloth Discord server?

The Innersloth Discord Server is an official place to talk about Among Us and Henry Stickmin. The server invite is innersloth . These are not all of the channels, but the most important ones. Among Us game requests and game codes for non-voice chat.

What is innersloth (Among Us)?

Innersloth (Among Us) is the official Discord server for Among Us. Back in February 2020, the Innersloth mentioned on their Facebook page that their Discord server hit 100k members. In September 2020, Innersloth announced on their Twitter page that their server hit 500k members.

What is the Official Discord server for among us?

Innersloth (Among Us) is the official Discord server for among us with over 800,000 members. The server is currently full, so you have to wait for inactive people to get kicked out before you can join it. What is an Among Us Discord server? An Among Us Discord server is a server that allows you to easily find others to play Among Us with.

Is among us a bad place to discord?

Lots of toxic people and a mod is one of them. He defends them, and bans anyone who speaks out about it. Very very bad place. Highly recommend an alternative discord for Among Us.

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