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Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe the new infrastructure bill?

A Monmouth University poll conducted July 21-26 asked about both the initial infrastructure bill and the new $3.5 trillion bill, describing the latter this way: "A plan to expand access to healthcare and child care, and provide paid leave and college tuition support."

How do pollsters determine the public's opinion of a bill?

There are three ways pollsters can attempt to answer that question. The first is analysis of the results of "umbrella" questions that describe the overall bill in some fashion and ask the public's opinion of it. The second is to dissect the bill and gauge public opinion about its constituent pieces.

How many coal miners are there in West Virginia today?

He represents a state that mines a lot of coal (or really used to mine coal; there are only around 4,400 mining workers in West Virginia today, about 0.67 percent of the total workforce). He once shot a replica of a climate bill in an ad he ran while running for office.

How robust is the existing survey evidence for the new bill?

In short, existing survey evidence shows majority support for the new bill, and this level of support appears to be fairly robust across samples and ways of asking about it.

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