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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do propur products ship?

***Propur products ship directly from the manufacturer, separate from other Infowars products you may also order. Propur reserves the right to use a different shipping method than what is selected during checking out.

How do I get points for Infowar?

Getting points is easy - Just sign up to our program and continue to make purchases and support the Infowar like you normally do. After getting enough points, we'll give you discounts on some of your favorite products across the store as a thank you for your support!

What is propur big and propur traveler?

Propur takes the traditional gravity filtration systems and updates it for the 21st century. Propur TRAVELER is a 1 filter system, ideal for 1-2 users with 1.6 gal capacity. Propur BIG is a 2-3 filter system, ideal for 2-4 users with 2.75 gal capacity.

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