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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is InfoWars Alex Jones?

Alex Jones with Paul Joseph Watson. InfoWars was created in 1999 by American conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who remains its controlling influence. InfoWars features The Alex Jones Show on their broadcasts and was established as a public-access television program aired in Austin, Texas in 1999.

What is InfoWars media?

Founded in 1999 by Alex Jones, InfoWars is a far-right American conspiracy theorist and fake news website and media platform . The radio program originates from Austin, Texas, and is broadcast on over 100 radio stations. InfoWars routinely reports fake news that has led to harassment lawsuits against Alex Jones.

Where can I watch Alex Jones?

Alex Jones videos used to be available and super popular on YouTube. However, since his channel was deleted, the new place to go is Infowars on Brighteon. You’ll find full shows, as well as short segments outlining important information, hot topics or breaking news.

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