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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Infinity ultimately finite?

The actual infinite is not a process in time; it is an infinity that exists wholly at one time. By contrast, Aristotle spoke of the potentially infinite as a never-ending process over time, but which is finite at any specific time. The word "potential" is being used in a technical sense.

Is it finite or infinite?

Finite Sets and Infinite Sets. Infinite set: A set is said to be an infinite set whose elements cannot be listed if it has an unlimited (i.e. uncountable) by the natural number 1, 2, 3, 4, ………… n, for any natural number n is called a infinite set. A set which is not finite is called an infinite set.

Does Infinity exist in a finite reality?

It couldn't be a finite number, since no finite number plus 1 equals infinity. This would violate the rules of arithmetic, leading to such absurd equations like -1=0, which isn't true. So infinity doesn't exist, if by "exist" we're talking about the context of a number system.

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