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Frequently Asked Questions

What does infantilize mean?

Infantilize is just a baby, relatively speaking, in the English language family. It first saw the light of day in the early 1940s, when social scientists started using it to discuss ways that humans or human activity can prolong or encourage dependency in other humans by treating them as helpless.

What does infantilizing mean?

(countable and uncountable, plural infantilizations) The act or process of infantilizing, or treating a non-infant as an infant Nursing homes lead to an infantilization of the elderly.

What is another word for infantilize?

5. Synonyms for Infantilize include patronize, condescend, humiliate, talk down to, belittle, condescend to, deign, demean, denigrate and favor 6. An Infantilize d person is a person who has been treated as a child, although their age and mental capacity is not that of a child.

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