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Frequently Asked Questions

Will India ever host the Olympics?

India definitely has the abilities to hold the olympics even in 2036 if given the opportunity. However, the prestige & glamour that goes behind hosting the olympics has lost its sheen over the years, and most countries don’t want to host them anymore because they have become loss-making rather than profitable.

When will India host the Olympics?

Still, mighty India got their share with three events despite there being a feeling from insiders that the undisputed power would only host two. England and Australia ... in world cricket amid its much-hyped Olympic bid. As I first reported last December ...

How many medals has India won in Olympics?

India Women's Hockey team captain Rani ... "2021 proved to be a good year for us. We could have won a medal at the Tokyo Olympic Games. We will always feel the pain of not being able to do ...

Is India ready to host Olympics?

India is a developing nation with considerable growth in medal tally and budding enthusiasm for sports other than cricket. If the government can make better provisions and facilities for aspiring athletes, India can be ready to host Olympics by 2024. Meanwhile India should host national level sports events to encourage more and more ...

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