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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Independence School District?

Mission By providing quality education, the Independence School District will ensure that each learner will achieve the skills and self-confidence to be successful in an ever-changing world.

How did the Independence School District perform on the annual report?

The Independence School District once again showed significant growth on the Annual Performance Report. The Bridge Program in the Independence School District focuses on student empowerment by providing struggling students with the tools and support to get back on track toward graduation.

How do I use canvas in the Independence School District?

The Independence School District uses Canvas for elementary and middle school virtual learning and a combination of Canvas and FuelEd resources for high school virtual learning. Select your student’s grade level using the navigation bar on this page to access Virtual Learning resources and answers to frequently asked questions and more.

Who can apply for the ISD benefit program?

The ISD Benefit Program is available to current ISD employees who work at least 25 hours per week, reside within the boundaries of the ISD and own their residence. Thank you for your interest in starting a career in the Independence School District and joining our wonderful ISD team. View current openings below:

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