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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to post a job on indeed?

Pay per click pricing means you only pay when we deliver results – and you control what you spend. Instead of paying a large amount up-front to post your job, you choose a small amount you are willing to pay each time someone clicks to view your job. Most clicks on Indeed cost between $0.25 - $1.50.

How does indeed work for employers?

Indeed is an interface which allows a job seeker and an employer to meet. How does that work. The website uses web crawler to find all top search results of jobs posted by various employers. This data is then shown on their website and it directly refers you to the web page of the career section of the employer.

Is LinkedIn Indeed?

Two of the most popular resources for job seekers are LinkedIn (LNKD) and These sites offer a wide variety of employment opportunities; however, LinkedIn and are very different. LinkedIn is built as an employment-related social network, while is a meta search engine for job listings.

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