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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free to post a job on indeed?

To post a job on Indeed for free, complete the following steps: Go to and click “Post a Job”. Create your free employer account. Provide job information, such as company name, job title, and job description. Indeed requires that you put something in the company name field when you post an ad.

Is indeed a free service?

Indeed is a free service to job seekers, where you can upload a resume, create job alert emails, search for jobs, save them and apply to them directly.

How much does it cost to post a job on indeed?

Pay per click pricing means you only pay when we deliver results – and you control what you spend. Instead of paying a large amount up-front to post your job, you choose a small amount you are willing to pay each time someone clicks to view your job. Most clicks on Indeed cost between $0.25 - $1.50.

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